Greatest influences and preferred styles

“Photography, is a powerful medium of expression and communication, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution” – Ansel Adams

If someone had to ask me what my photograph means, then I have failed – Art Wolfe (this has been paraphrased)

Two wonderfully amazing photographers. Their grasp of the nuances of light are to die for. No one can speak of photography without evoking the name of Ansel Adams and I, a budding amateur, cannot really add to what has already been said about him. I am an enormous fan of Art Wolfe and his compositions.  A wildlife conservationist at heart, his subjects and his work are a product of that passion.  The first time I knew of Art, was whilst watching his show ‘Travels to the Edge’ on PBS and he was on South Georgia Islands shooting penguins. One of the first images that had me fall head over heels for his work was this –

and this

Perusing his gallery, portfolio and stock photos just left me breathless. The composition will continue to haunt you in a very profound way. Learning from masters like Art is a privilege and one I sort of have. I am taking an online course on the “Fundamentals of Digital Photography” by John Greengo through It was a 10 week course, which was free when it was running live, but I bought it for a fee so I can learn at my pace. John Greengo, is no slouch either, a fantastic photographer in his own right. But everyone, who took his class will tell you he is a brilliantly patient and visual teacher. Oh! and did I mention he was Art’s assistant on the “Travels to the Edge” show? By way of six degrees of separation I’m about that much closer to Art himself.

My influences don’t stop there. I love Galen Rowell’s work – the man who popularized the use of graduated neutral density filters,  Jay Goodrich – another nature and wildlife photographer, Peter Turnley – a street photographer, John Shaw,Nevada Weir, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Colin Finlay…just to name a few.

Someday, I sincerely hope I am good enough that some kid out there will write in his blog (or whatever the equivalent is in the future) that my work influenced him/her. That would be something wouldn’t it?

I have an avid interest in landscape and nature photography, which I think has been advertised enough in the lines above. This is however a product of travel photography in my mind, though it is not defined that way. I also love to shoot food, it truly stems from the fact that I do enjoy cooking and baking and its a pleasure to document the final output. People are a huge part of photographs, in a lot of ways they breathe emotions into a picture and each of those emotions that are captured, have their own story to tell. Humans are excellent subjects and I find it fascinating to capture their “moments”. From all the pictures of flowers that might be there, it would seem like I should go deeper into macro photography, maybe someday when I can afford those lenses and can shoot without reversing my lens, I might!

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Greatest influences and preferred styles