Spinach & Fontina Bruschetta

I intend posting atleast once everyday, since I missed out on yesterday…its two for one today!

I love food! Enough said, right? Fresh produce, the smell of a bakery or the smell of fresh seafood, its all very intoxicating for me. The closer, something I eat, is to its original flavor profile – the better. I don’t like to take salmon or mussels and cook them in a cornucopia of heady spices, I’d much rather use fresh and citric flavors to enhance the taste of the salmon. I’d rather cook the mussels in butter with white wine, fresh herbs and shallots. I have no qualms using those spices on a piece of tilapia though!

Sometimes making lunch or dinner is just such a chore. I  have often found myself, staring at the contents of my refridgerator, scratching my head. So when something comes along that seems easy and delicious and more importantly doable I dive straight ahead. I do love cooking and baking, there is something cathartic about beating the crap out of dough or the smell of garlic being sautéed in olive oil, or a batch of fresh cookies baking in the oven. I didn’t develop this recipe, I did use Giada de Laurentiis’ recipe (which can be found here – http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/bruschetta-with-fontina-and-greens-recipe/index.html) but I have some minor suggestions. Chopped frozen spinach works just as well and so does kale. If you did not use a garlic clove to rub on the ciabatta – don’t worry about it, it makes a very subtle difference and it still tastes bloody good. I used only one clove of garlic minced because I don’t like garlic to overpower my taste buds and I wanted the fontina to shine through, which it did. Smoked fontina works just as well. Somewhere down the line, you will see I am a cheese head!(no no not a packers fan, just love cheese, stinky and all).

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Spinach & Fontina Bruschetta

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