Art, food and photography….huh?

Three years ago when I visited the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY) they had a plaque somewhere at the beginning that read …

“What is Painting? Do you sense how all the parts of a good picture are involved with each other, not just placed side by side? Art is a creation for the eye and can only be hinted at with words.”

Photography is not different is it? Considering it is an art form in itself, those words fit. Pictures are a product of a subject and certain elements that collude beautifully.

Food photography is an art form. There are some rules but they are meant to be broken. There are some concepts but in the end you could compose it the way you want. You may want to show abundance but often you want a “tighter” shot. Confusing, isn’t it? As a newbie I definitely am. I have one rule of thumb for photography or art of any kind, if you like it and think you can put it in a frame and hang it and see it everyday as you walk by it and not feel bored, then its a keeper! I’ve experimented with food and photography for a while, some not so good and some not bad at all.  If you are looking for tips on food photography, my go to is Michael Ray’s blog. He is an accomplished and well established food photographer who almost offers a tutorial on his blog for food photography. Here is his blog – And here are my experiments with natural light and food.

Do click on the image to view an enlarged version and to read about them.

Art, food and photography….huh?