And so it begins…

This is my first week of being a student – again! I enrolled myself with The New York Institute of Photography for their complete course in Digital Photography.  As one of their catch phrases go – I’ve taken my first step towards an exciting career. It is a career change from marketing to photography, but a decision to do this came out of one simple thought – even if I don’t make a million out of this and I just about make a living for a decent life, I will be fine. Simply because the joy I reap will be infinitesimal. I don’t have to spend another day in front of a computer making out another power point presentation filled with numbers! Instead I am the person who will supply those gorgeous pictures that go in the background as graphic work! I don’t have to go shopping for that power suit, rather for lenses and filters! Its a good change , a fun change and one I dearly recommend to anyone who is frustrated – no, no, I don’t mean change your career to photography(I prefer lesser competition!) ; I just mean change your career to something you love.

One of the first things I am doing is revisiting my photographic past. I am not going too much into the past, just as far back as the first few pictures with my digital SLR. I am going to examine the bad pictures .No the light wasn’t as bad as it seems, it was definitely winter and cloudy – but not dark! How on earth did I do that? I was being brave and brazen – I had not got adept at using the camera, I had no idea what aperture or shutter speed to set in or for that matter of fact know exactly what F20 meant or what 1/200 meant, and I had no idea what manual mode meant. I turned the knob to manual mode, fiddled around with the dials that changed those numbers on the display and shot this. End result – well, you are free to insert your own scathing comment!

As you can see the light was just fine. When I finally figured I would shoot in auto mode, this was one of the first shots. What is wrong with this picture you ask me? For starters, where does your eye go and settle in this picture? The red square in the middle or the two ‘dead end’ sign boards? Or the large one way sign? I assure you , these are not things I even saw as a mistake while I was there shooting!

Can you point out a lucid perspective on this photograph? Do you even know what I am trying to show you here? Do you see the blinding white on the right of the photograph?

I rest my case – we all take bad pictures with good intentions. These are the pictures that say to me – You NEED help! NYIP is my third step in seeking that help. The first step was to recognize the problem and acknowledge it, and my second was to decide if I was serious about correcting it.  Do I want to be taking pictures professionally or am I just an enthusiast? Enrolling is my third.

Why not join School of Visual Art or Brooks Institute of Photography or Rhode Island School of Design , if I am that serious? I am serious, but at the same time there is such a thing as exploring your own talent? Paying close to 30000$ a year is too large for the experiment called, “Can I really hone my interest”. Also, is it just me – when you are applying to these universities, you require a portfolio of your work. Excuse me, but isn’t that why I am trying to join your course? To figure out how to build a portfolio and how to take great pictures? Fortunately NYIP had a course for someone like me, at an affordable price point and one that can be done from any corner of the world!

All these explanations and justifications are here on my blog, because whoever is reading this, you are on this journey with me. You will watch me fall on my face, pick up, learn, do well and hopefully graduate on the other side – a WINNER!

And so it begins…