A photo challenge on the terrace

Yesterday, I found myself completely out of things to photograph and write about. But then I remembered one of my first lessons at NYIP(New York Institute of Photography) – there is always something to photograph as long as you open your eyes and look at things differently. The challenge, as my lesson puts it, is that you walk around your own neighborhood and look at life through a lens. What is normal to you is not so normal to a tourist! I tweaked the challenge for myself and shortened my radius some more – to just my terrace! Why, you ask? Its a little pearl of wisdom I picked up whilst working in the corporate world. The lesser the resource, the more innovative you get with its usage to get the biggest bang out of it. It pushes you to your creative limit, to think out of the box! I admit though, that our terrace is India also doubles as a mini garden, so there is enough life here to photograph. Here are some normal everyday occurrences, objects and experiments of mine from last evening.
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From Brooms to waterpipes and tea mugs…….
I also did a small experiment with my circular polarizer just to appreciate the quality of image that it can render. I took the same picture at the same exposure level, with the same fstop , with just a minute’s difference (so i could screw on the polarizer onto my lens).
Without Polarizer
With Polarizer
Huge difference isn’t it?  Makes one appreciate the nifty little gadget, more. For me, its these tiny little inventions that make me feel like there is no end to innovation and creative genius. That no matter how small or large, acutely complex or simple, how grave the need or how insignificant – human genius can solve a problem. That there is always a solution. That there always is more room for creativity.
A photo challenge on the terrace

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