Somewhere over the rainbow…

This post doesn’t have pictures by me or isn’t about something I did or learnt about through my photography course. This post is about something that inspires me, that moves me, that makes me truly wonder how big the earth is, that makes me wonder if dreams should ever just remain just that – dreams?

Have you ever heard this song written by E.Y.Harburg, composed for the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and sung by Judy Garland? This song haunts me, in a very good way! I forget if I have mentioned it before, but I can’t help but think of this because of an article I read recently in the National Geographic Magazine. An article by Andrew Evans called the ‘Bus2Antartica’ – an epic journey by the author who travelled by bus from Washington DC to the very tip of South America, before boarding a ship to Antartica through the Drake Passage. He tweeted and blogged his way through the trip for Nat Geo. This is the stuff that dreams are made of isn’t it? The journey we all want to make but never do for a billion reasons. From financial commitments to plain fear, there is a whole range.

Photo: Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

Photograph by Andrew Evans as it appears on

I am in awe and envy at the same time, that someone could convince Nat Geo to sponsor them on a trip of their lifetime. I would love to get my sea legs back and make a journey from Cape Horn to Antartica via the South Georgia Islands. Stopping by those beautiful and picturesque group of islands that king penguins tend to call their home. Back to Andrew Evans, his is a riveting little article and blog for the inner explorer in you. The whole article wreaks of the fact that dreams can be achieved, in the authors own words – “..What I do know is that my trip to Antarctica is no longer a dream. It’s now a vivid memory.” I could not have said it better!

Somewhere over the rainbow…

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