The storm that never was!

There was this little cyclone called ‘Jal’, that threatened to ruin an otherwise wonderful Diwali weekend. Fortunately like I said in my earlier post, it was kind enough to accomodate Diwali. There were predictions of 80-100kmph winds accompanied by heavy rainfall of up to 25 cms, with the storm making landfall between Chennai and Cuddalore on sunday night. The city and its mayor, in all their prudence, set up emergency vehicles, shelters, evacuated people from low lying areas, ensured a stock pile of food for emergency distribution, readied up little motor boats for rescue operations , if required.  They forgot one crucial detail though – in all these years storms have never listened to the Meteorological Department! Their predictions are accurate, to the tee – in opposite effect. So the moment they announced that Chennai was going to be in the path of the storm – Jal, packed her bags and moved to Nellore as usual. Somehow, storms that have a path to Chennai are skittish about being in the news! This however doesn’t mean that we didn’t get soaked or have rough seas. Throughout daylight on Sunday, it poured and there was enough wind to uproot a few trees. The sea was at its glorious best, rough and wild.

Let me also add for the record that I love the rain and I love gloomy wintry weather. The romantic in me is a die hard fan of such weather and it inspires an ‘x’ amount of creativity in me. Everything is cleansed in the rain and the natural colors shine through from trees and leaves and whatever else is blessed by it. There is a sort of magic in the air, from the mist it creates to the light spray that falls on your face when you watch it from an open window. Its those beautiful little things, that are so extraordinarily simple to enjoy that make up for the best moments.

“Rain is what the thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I’m not”   – Madonna

However, it is difficult to capture rainfall with a lens. Pictures of rain are usually a suggestion of rain. Of water on a window, or a wet road twinkling from the reflection of traffic lights, people with umbrellas walking down a flooded road, or someone getting wet and soaked. Suggestions of rain have always made for better photographs than actual rain itself. This post is my tiny little experiment in photographing some rough and wet weather, by capturing the wetness created by rain and the rough seas created by an impending Jal.

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The storm that never was!