A birthday, a road trip, friends and fun = great long weekend

Sometimes to celebrate a birthday, it is important to get away from everything and everyone that is familiar. No offense to anyone, but I guess my husband and I just needed a break. To sort of indulge in a little – dolce far niente! We are also creatures that seek comfort and city settings more often than take off into the wilderness. I think it calms us to see everyone else work, while we sit back and enjoy the show. Which is exactly what we did this thanksgiving weekend. I know , I know, we don’t celebrate that in India – but we took time off and gave thanks for a good break! Took off to Bangalore, which is a short drive away and where the climate was excellent and some of our closest friends live.

Of good food and good times :

We had a great time with our friends, whom I cannot thank enough. They have a gorgeous store called Chilli Billi in Indira Nagar in Bangalore that sells women’s clothing and accessories and are slowly beginning to include some gorgeous home decor pieces. They also own a studio called Avant Garage where they sell photographs and prints of artwork.One can check them out on Facebook. Here is the pretty studio, wish I had taken pictures of the Clothes store as well.

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A birthday, a road trip, friends and fun = great long weekend

4 thoughts on “A birthday, a road trip, friends and fun = great long weekend

    1. Not at all – in fact I hardly do justice for the wonderful weekend we had! Should have taken pictures of Chilli Billi and the terrariums – well there is an excuse to come again!

  1. Happy birthday!

    I can totally relate to wanting to take a short break and go somewhere calmer. Based from the lovely photographs in this post, I can imagine you had a very special day 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha Thank you Nadia – although I need to very sheepishly admit that it was my husbands’ bday and not mine. But, yes – it was an amazing weekend to just sit back and do nothing!

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