A piece of Paradise

Cannot describe the location and peacefulness of my family’s home at Ketti as anything but paradise. Maybe idyllic would make a good second choice of words. A piece of land that is reached only by a dirt road that tests your driving skills to the max. Unreachable during the rains due to bad road conditions, this house sits perched on the side of a hill with a sweeping view of Ketti Valley. Along the perimeter, runs the tracks of the Nilgiri UNESCO World Heritage Train. The lands surrounding it covered with vegetable terraces and tea plantations. The house itself is a labor of love. Tended with utmost care by my mother and our 76 year old gardener/watchman. Its a bountiful location and a bountiful house that yields peaches, plums, lemons, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, peas and beans.

If you are willing to brave the cold mornings, with a cup of tea, the sit out is the perfect arena for natures own concert of songbirds. Words cannot capture the peace and marvel of creation that we ,city dwellers, take for granted. Birds you would otherwise never see, fresh air like you have never breathed before, and pin drop silence!I’ve tried my darnest to capture these on camera.

We also managed to take an elephant safari down at Mudumalai , which was by far the most disappointing thing I have ever had to do. The park rangers are out to make money by the minute so the safari turns into a ride! You hardly get to see any wildlife and the crowds that are on the van safaris are by far the worst behaved people on earth. Every time, they spot an animal you can actually hear their loud cheers and jeers echoing through the forest. Despite all this, the sight of elephants, monkeys and sambar deers – just makes it all worthwhile!

Enjoy the pictures, my in-eloquence with words should be offset by some of the pictures in the set below. As usual, please click on the picture to enlarge. Do not use any of the pictures or words without prior permission.


A piece of Paradise