The Simple Life

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great end to last year, which in my opinion could not have gone by more quickly, and a great beginning to this one. I recently had my nephews from the US come down for a visit during the holidays. For the youngest of the two, it was his first time out of the US , on a plane and to India! I’ve spent every holiday with him, since his birth and was immensely worried that I might miss out on that this year due to the distance. Well, this post isn’t about all that – its more about the simple little pleasures that children seek and find. These are kids , who have their own bathtub at home and yet enjoyed bathing in a makeshift tub/bucket on the terrace, in the open. Want to know just how big this “tub” was?

The older guy did not even fit in the tub, but he could care less about that! In his own words – “the best bath I’ve ever had in my whole entire life”!!!!

The little guy squealed with pleasure every time warm water hit his skin. As he sat there soaking for a little while, he was in his own world – lost in thought and games that he was making up. There was a part of me wishing that I was small again with my own bucket and with nothing to worry about but the alien battleships that I am about to save the universe from.

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The Simple Life