Versatile Blogger Award

Yay! There are days when I wonder if there is anyone out there reading this blog besides friends and family, but my comments section has been buzzing with wonderful feedback from people all over the word.  One of my loyal subscribers, happens to be a student named Kieran from Edinburgh, Scotland who writes the blog – Sumpix. He just passed on the “Versatile Blogger Award” to me!!! It is an award by the bloggers for the bloggers, that is passed on from one to the other. I am extremely embarrassed that I didn’t know about it till Kieran mentioned it, but now that I’ve read up about it – Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Woot!!! Woot!!!! Woooohooooooooooooooo!


Sorry about that, just a wee bit excited! There are some rules though to accepting this award and they are :

  1. Link back to the blogger that gave me the award.
  2. Tell you 7 things about myself.
  3. Choose 15 other blogs to pass the award to.
  4. Inform the other bloggers that I’m passing the award to them.

I’ve already linked back to Kieran, so now onto those 7 things about myself…..which are as random as they can get.

  1. I love chocolate and only brown chocolate. Irrespective of the thousands of artisan chocolates out in the world, the chocolates I absolutely CANNOT resist are Ferrero Rocher and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (which I will savor more if I can lick the melted chocolate off the cover). Oh and I love Vosges’s Bacon and Chocolate bar!
  2. I am hooked to Call of Duty on my PSP and dearly miss my Xbox and Wii. Right now I am battling to get past the spider tank on Killzone:Liberation on my PSP.
  3. Poetry is my new thing – no, no I don’t write any, I am incapable of that. Unless you want ‘Baby got back’ kind of rap about poop, please don’t ask me to. I stick to reading the poems of other people like Homer, Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley,Gibran etc. I admit I’m just beginning and still trying to find a genre that I like
  4. I am a fragrance freak. I blame my old desk job for turning me into an addict. I always loved fragrances but now that I can clearly distinguish scents and identify them, I’ve turned niche=broke half the time!
  5. Crazy about dogs, not so much about cats though. When I start making enough money out of photography, I intend starting a shelter.
  6. I am extremely sentimental, not so much with things but surely with people. I hate having to move away from friends and people I am close to. The two people I miss the most are my two nephews, I can’t believe they aren’t just a weekend trip away from me anymore.
  7. I am insanely sickened by cockroaches, dirty bathrooms, snakes, clutter, grimy kitchens, Lady Gaga and stupid people.

Onto the next rule of the award. I need to pass this onto 15 other blogs that are worth your time and effort. I can’t promise you that they will all be about photography but they are all great blogs, some written by friends and some written by strangers on the internet who now feel like people I know.

  • 1. Nonchalant Gourmand – a dear friend who shares my enthusiasm for food and food photography.
  • 2.Nikita Modi Photography – the accomplished pro food photographer and co-collaborator for the blog above.
  • 3. Amar Ramesh’s Blog – a pro photographer from the same city as I, has had a very similar career shift as I and whose work I admire.
  • 4. – a working mother with two wonderful children, an artisanal baker for a husband and a funny and insightful blog filled with beautiful photographs of her life.
  • 5. Once Upon a tea time – a lifestyle and design blog that I adore and look to for inspiration .
  • 6. Stroborati – I derive voyeuristic pleasure from this man, he lives a dream of mine – he has taken off for the next 10 years travelling the world, photographing it.
  • 7. Ode2Food – A school mate, family friend who writes a blog on delectable vegetarian food sometimes with a distinct Indian kick.
  • 8.  Chitra Aiyer Photography – she is an Indian photographer who has some really different and beautiful wedding photographs.
  • 9. Dreamscape Photography – an ex colleague from the fragrance industry I have met probably twice and who wouldn’t recognise me if we walked by on the street, but an incredibly talented wedding and portrait photographer. (David your pictures of Hae Won rock)
  • 10. Rang Decor – a fellow photographer who indulges in decor.
  • 11. Toothsoup – she doesn’t need an award from a fellow blogger, I’ve been following her work for years, I think from even before toothsoup! We once had an argument about editing on some online forum.  Her poetry, her language skills – I covet!
  • 12. Deezden – another immensely talented(that it-is-almost-criminal) artist, she has her own etsy shop where she sells her art.
  • 13. Mpaulphotography – I love his cyanotype photographs and his black and whites. I did not even know about cyanotypes till I read his blog and now I love what he does with them.
  • 14. Cherokeebydesign – A busy father and photo enthusiast.
  • 15. Delishhh – a fellow foodie, who was incredibly helpful when reached out to for suggestions on Seattle eateries. I have been following her ever since, do not visit her site if hungry!

There it is – 15 blogs I love and follow. Off I go, spreading the joy !

Versatile Blogger Award

One day, one tree and one quirky challenge

Sometimes I like to box myself in. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But I find that – lesser the resources, the more creative we get with what we have. What would you do if I said you could photograph only one tree and only from a balcony that I pick – which may not be the best angle to shoot it from? Which is exactly what I did to myself, the only thing I allowed myself was access to all my equipment and a whole day to shoot it under different light conditions. I cannot explain why I get the quirky ideas that I get, but I do know it trains me to think differently and to be a little bit more creative. It always forces me to think beyond the obvious. I am definitely not the genius who came up with such a premise, I learnt this during my desk job days during a team building exercise. So here I am extending this to photography.

The challenge led to some shots which lie in the realm of fine art photography. With the help of photoshop they translate into quirky arty pictures!

Please click on the picture to view an enlarged version. Please DO NOT reprint/reuse pictures or words without the authors permission. Enjoy!

One day, one tree and one quirky challenge

Eternal Sunrise for the marveling mind

Living on the east coast of India, for days I have been wanting to wake up early and run to the beach to get some sunrise shots. It got put off long enough, but this week I finally got the chance. I ended the procrastination, set the alarm for 5am, charged up my camera battery, loaded all my lenses and accouterments in to my camera bag the previous night and slept in early on a Saturday night. At the appointed hour of 5am on Sunday morning we woke up and drove out to the nearest beach, I wasn’t looking for a beach with distinguishing features such as a craggy coastline or rocks – none of these exist within the city. I just wanted the opportunity to capture a dramatic sunrise – if I was lucky enough. Boy, was I lucky! As we settled down on the beach at a vantage spot in front of the waves and set up, it was still dark and the first rays of daylight were just beginning to peek out – and thats how it begins.  I read a quote somewhere that said – “We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise, if we have waited in the darkness”. I could not agree more, the dissipation of the dark clouds as daylight manifests itself is a grand sight to see – worth waking up for at 5am on a Sunday morning! If a professional were to write a column on how to shoot sunrises or sunsets, they would probably ask you to have some distinguishing features or subject, besides just shooting the sun. They would also tell you to keep in mind the horizon. I think in some pictures I have flaunted the rules and in some, broken them down completely. Sometimes there is enough drama in one subject that it doesn’t really need a prop to set it up. Enjoy!

Please click on the picture to view a larger version. Please DO NOT reuse photographs or written material without the authors permission.

Eternal Sunrise for the marveling mind

Fine Art Photography

“A photograph is not an accident, it is a concept” – Ansel Adams. He also said he can hear music when he sees a fine art photograph. What is Fine Art Photography? Wiki defines it as,”… photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as an artist”.

I’ve dabbled into it, rather accidentally and I know going forward it will be a conscious effort to get a few arty photographs every time I step out or I may just create a project out of a concept that is slowly working itself into my mind. I shall reveal what it is when I truly understand the mechanics of the concept. To me art is fluid, something that can morph itself to mean anything, simply because no two interpretations are the same.  There is a plaque somewhere in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, that defines what a painting is – and it goes something like this, “….Art is a creation for the eye and can only be hinted at with words”. I intend to only hint at something with my photographs, what you take with you when you view them – is all yours and yours alone, an exclusive experience.

All pictures are copyright of Shruthi V, please do not print or copy or use in any form without my permission. Click on the images to view them enlarged.

Fine Art Photography