Fine Art Photography

“A photograph is not an accident, it is a concept” – Ansel Adams. He also said he can hear music when he sees a fine art photograph. What is Fine Art Photography? Wiki defines it as,”… photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as an artist”.

I’ve dabbled into it, rather accidentally and I know going forward it will be a conscious effort to get a few arty photographs every time I step out or I may just create a project out of a concept that is slowly working itself into my mind. I shall reveal what it is when I truly understand the mechanics of the concept. To me art is fluid, something that can morph itself to mean anything, simply because no two interpretations are the same.  There is a plaque somewhere in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, that defines what a painting is – and it goes something like this, “….Art is a creation for the eye and can only be hinted at with words”. I intend to only hint at something with my photographs, what you take with you when you view them – is all yours and yours alone, an exclusive experience.

All pictures are copyright of Shruthi V, please do not print or copy or use in any form without my permission. Click on the images to view them enlarged.

Fine Art Photography

6 thoughts on “Fine Art Photography

  1. Kieran Hamilton says:

    Thanks. There will probably be more of the tram works up at some point, I have a lot of them still to edit!

  2. Kieran Hamilton says:

    The pictures with the colourful sky are beautiful, very surreal, I love pictures of trees with no leaves. The pictures of the water are also amazing, they really capture the motion very well.

    1. Thank you Kieran. Just checked out your blog and I’m in love with the first shot on your “in the style of edward weston” photographs and all of the derelict tram works.

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