Eternal Sunrise for the marveling mind

Living on the east coast of India, for days I have been wanting to wake up early and run to the beach to get some sunrise shots. It got put off long enough, but this week I finally got the chance. I ended the procrastination, set the alarm for 5am, charged up my camera battery, loaded all my lenses and accouterments in to my camera bag the previous night and slept in early on a Saturday night. At the appointed hour of 5am on Sunday morning we woke up and drove out to the nearest beach, I wasn’t looking for a beach with distinguishing features such as a craggy coastline or rocks – none of these exist within the city. I just wanted the opportunity to capture a dramatic sunrise – if I was lucky enough. Boy, was I lucky! As we settled down on the beach at a vantage spot in front of the waves and set up, it was still dark and the first rays of daylight were just beginning to peek out – and thats how it begins.  I read a quote somewhere that said – “We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise, if we have waited in the darkness”. I could not agree more, the dissipation of the dark clouds as daylight manifests itself is a grand sight to see – worth waking up for at 5am on a Sunday morning! If a professional were to write a column on how to shoot sunrises or sunsets, they would probably ask you to have some distinguishing features or subject, besides just shooting the sun. They would also tell you to keep in mind the horizon. I think in some pictures I have flaunted the rules and in some, broken them down completely. Sometimes there is enough drama in one subject that it doesn’t really need a prop to set it up. Enjoy!

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Eternal Sunrise for the marveling mind

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  1. Kieran Hamilton says:

    These pictures are beautiful! The colours are amazing, definitely worth getting up early on a Sunday morning for I think!

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