One day, one tree and one quirky challenge

Sometimes I like to box myself in. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But I find that – lesser the resources, the more creative we get with what we have. What would you do if I said you could photograph only one tree and only from a balcony that I pick – which may not be the best angle to shoot it from? Which is exactly what I did to myself, the only thing I allowed myself was access to all my equipment and a whole day to shoot it under different light conditions. I cannot explain why I get the quirky ideas that I get, but I do know it trains me to think differently and to be a little bit more creative. It always forces me to think beyond the obvious. I am definitely not the genius who came up with such a premise, I learnt this during my desk job days during a team building exercise. So here I am extending this to photography.

The challenge led to some shots which lie in the realm of fine art photography. With the help of photoshop they translate into quirky arty pictures!

Please click on the picture to view an enlarged version. Please DO NOT reprint/reuse pictures or words without the authors permission. Enjoy!

One day, one tree and one quirky challenge

4 thoughts on “One day, one tree and one quirky challenge

  1. Kieran Hamilton says:

    Nice pics! I think the one with the orangey sky is my favourite, as well as all of the black and whites (I have a black and white obsession!). I love the idea of limiting yourself, it’s something I’ve been trying in a way recently by not allowing myself to go to the obvious places to take pictures, but to try the less beautiful places and see what I can come up with.

    1. Its more like a training exercise! I sometimes find myself in a quagmire, despite living in India – which as you know is a photographers paradise in so many ways! And its simply bcos i need to train myself into looking at things differently and in being more patient with light and angles. Would you believe if i told u one of the first lessons in photography that i had, told me to look at my neighborhood with touristy eyes? And i am training myself to look at things that way.

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