Art on my mind

Yes, I have art on my mind. For instance, I am attracted to barren trees like a moth to a flame, there is something unique about their artsy stark appearance that begs for interpretation. Captured on camera and tweaked, they have the ability to look like abstract prints. I may or may not have earth shattering interpretations for each one, but I do feel a sense of minimalism when I see them. There is an overwhelming simplicity and symmetry to the craggy branches when shot against the background of a sky and converted to black and white. What appears as chaos, somehow fritters away into a simple symmetric form as you breakthrough the matrix of the frame. I could attach deeper meanings to that and draw parallels in real life, but art (to me) can only hint at something and the ultimate interpretation is up to the viewer. I have two principles when it comes to art, the first I just elaborated on in the previous sentence and the other is a borrowed philosophy that is in someways a product of my first principle. If you look at a piece of art and absolutely do not get it and do not want it – its perfectly okay!Art is a personal opinion and a statement, a signature created by self or someone else.

In that light, there are some prints that I have been working on. During the process of making these pictures, I have started to wonder whether as a photographer I can CREATE art. To take something and tweak it to create art – does it make for ethical photography? My judgement or rather justification is that I am not putting out a photo-journalistic piece, I am not putting up a picture to record an event. I am simply putting up a picture of something that can evoke the imagination and lull the right side of the brain from shriveling up. No, this is not meant to be a purely cerebral exercise, art is a form of entertainment and I do hope it evokes a sense of whimsical fun as well. Digressions aside, the ethical factor is taken care of, by the justification offered above.

I’ve played around on photoshop with photographs that I recently took. Converting them to black and whites and/or introducing an x amount of radial blur, tweaking the contrast and so on. So as you click on these photographs, please look at them as you would an art installation. If the first sight of these pictures with blur don’t get your cerebral juices going, here is a thought to jump start the process – try guessing what the original picture was!

I also happened to take a trip recently for a wedding and after an indulgent four days of fun, the parting sight as we boarded a train to head home was a spectacular sunset. What does it have to with such an artsy post? Nature, is an inspiration, the cragginess of the hills beyond, the birds and the trees offset against a setting sun….a sunset means so many things to so many people, sort of like art. It can evoke the imagination, ignite a passion and arouse your mind – my greatest achievement out of this post should be to deliver the same effect and I sincerely hope I do.

Pictures and all written material are subject to copyright and cannot be used without the author’s permission. Please click on the picture to view an enlarged version and finally – if you are looking for prints to buy please leave me a message.

Art on my mind