Off experimenting, learning and unlearning

I’ve almost neglected this blog for a month now and I am not too sorry I did, because I was off experimenting and finishing up some assignments. I’ve had a couple of portrait shoots and have been working on the idea of diptychs, so yes thankfully I have been gainfully busy. I have always said that I am a visual person and that I can’t quite understand a concept until I encounter it in reality. Case in point – perspectives! Perspective in the angle you shoot a subject, perspective in the way your work is perceived, perspective in the way you understand a client brief….perspective,yes that perspective.  I am still learning and I think in more ways than one , I always will be.

I am still learning how to communicate that I am not the regular passport photo photographer, that when I make a portrait it is meant to capture a moment or a facet of someone by merely suggesting through background, placement of props, angle and maybe some posing and without tweaking the reality of their looks.

However, something I am sure of is that – at any given moment there is always plenty of opportunity. I was recently at a portrait shoot on the beach and when I turned around to change my lens, I saw a fantastic sunset over an urban landscape. Dramatic, with a few dark clouds – although I know I did not do full photographic justice to the sunset, I did get the chance to shoot a few quick snaps. I am also learning to never listen to or give in to your hired assistant for the day – that’s a story for another day, but a lesson nevertheless.

Honestly though, I am enjoying these periods where I get to set off and experiment, sometimes these are not always in field! Sometimes, I take a look back at photos that I deemed unfit and go back and see what can be done with it or is it completely hopeless – this exercise has given back a few really good snaps in the recent past. A change of perspective is definitely worth its weight in gold no matter what form it comes in. It can be a challenge, a question, an introspection or the answer to all my problems.

While you ponder the profoundness of the post, here is a small glimpse of what I have been up to.

The following are diptychs of photos that already exist on this blog. Diptychs are a cool concept  – it is any object with two flat surfaces bound together with a hinge. In photography we take it to mean, two photos with a common factor. Its the most simplistic definition that I can give for the concept… anyhow, enjoy!

This last diptych was taken during the portrait shoot that I have mentioned above. This was the gorgeous sunset that everyone missed while looking at the beach in front of them, sometimes it does help to look away!

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Off experimenting, learning and unlearning