Sentimental thank you’s

Uneventful as my blog has been, life never really is. Tiny changes, new concepts to explore, more to learn, and even more to unlearn. Yes, I am unlearning – its a strange concept to me, but I am. I am unlearning how to lead life on a 9-9 schedule and learning how to take the lulls with the peaks of bustling deadlines. I am unlearning to take my camera everywhere and be disappointed if I miss an opportunity because of that. Is it strange that one has to learn to unlearn??? Maybe its just me!

This month has by far been the biggest bounty I have had in years. I’ve witnessed an exponential growth in life personally and professionally, more so because I have come to value certain relationships that have been forged afresh or renewed. There is a definite spurt of unbridled encouragement, flowing my way and I am ever grateful for the believers. Self doubt has been a monster that has reared its ugly head often, but thanks to these believers it is easy to sail past it. It feels like this moment has come at absolutely the right time, when I am ripe to receive it. They say one should count their friends based on who is standing with you , during your darkest hours and I am glad I have had a few great ones. You know who you are, so please pat yourselves in the back and give yourself a hug from me. Sentimental , I am – because I turn 32 today. I have and am spending it, in the loving embrace of those who have stood by me. Thank you ever so much, those are words that don’t get said much. For everyone who has contributed to my successes, thank you.

I never thanked my spouse much and I sometimes shudder to think what your job as my husband really feels like. You are a tower of patience, topped with a cool head and for that I love you.  To my family(every single one of you, down to the tiniest one), what am I if not for you? You tease me, torment me, encourage me, love me, tolerate me and believe in me, no matter what I put you through. To my dearest chennai girlfriends and their husbands, every moment we have all spent together is a wonderful memory and every word any of you have ever said have been nothing but emboldening. To  my closest friends ,you know darn well who you are and some of you don’t even read this and its about time you did, for giving me inspiring stories to explore and letting me be me. To hottie( ha ha ha i like calling you that these days), miss our girlie chats and all our ups and downs – someday we shall rule the world! To MP and BG from The Hindu, you see something in me that I never even intended to see, thank you for putting me on the map(and BG for your continued belief that I don’t sound like a four year old). To everyone else I haven’t personally acknowledged, you know what you have done for me – good or bad – its all been good!

The best 32nd birthday one can ever have :

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Sentimental thank you’s