In pursuit of creativity in the dark

For a while now, there have been projects that have come and gone quietly. But the other day, I was reading about how important it is to have a set of self driven projects, something that pushes the envelope of the creative artist inside every photographer. I’ve always had a few of these projects in mind, but never really got down to doing anything about these projects, until recently. One of the main reasons being, a sudden spurt of activity that has spurred on the writer in me. I still categorically believe in, and am often reminded by a friend of mine, about a statement that I make – ” I am basically a photographer”!  Yes, that’s true I am a photographer first, everything else comes second. It just so happened that a bunch of these writing projects landed on my lap and kept me away. No matter, am back and have slowly been racking up a bunch of photographs that I am growing increasingly fond and proud of. Photographs, that now showcase the depth of skills acquired over the last year or so. I seemed to have also racked up a bunch of nameless but generous strangers who have gone out of their way to let me know that they value my work, both in writing and in photography. I would be nothing, if not for their appreciative words.

I have been dabbling, increasingly in the genre of long exposure shots and night time shots. Besides black and white, this is steadily growing to be my favorite area of photography. The possibilities, like anything else, are endless. The challenges are always larger, but the end result is always stunning. What was that phrase again – it’s always darkest before dawn? I have to agree, though not literally, this discovery of things, light can do against the darkness of night has been the dawn of a series that I have just begun to shoot. Am sure it is a lifetime’s pursuit, but one that has begun rather incredulously. So let me stop gushing, after all proof of the pudding is in the eating!

I am reminded constantly of Ansel Adam’s words – “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter”. It is true, as much as I have whined about the lack of an Alaskan or English coastal  landscape within my area of operations, there is still a blessed diversity of subjects left to photograph. Subjects in circumstances that are perfectly created each time I have a camera in hand. I am beginning to fully take advantage of looking at my immediate surroundings with touristy eyes and gaining a good crop of photographs to call my own.

Besides the long exposure series there is another project that I have been working on, of which some shots have been posted earlier on this blog. It is the Fine Art Experiment of Patterns in Nature. This weekend I had the chance to drive to a rather unspoiled beach along Chennai’s famous coastal road close to the monstrosity of a desalination plant that the city desperately needs. This beach is seeing unprecedented erosion because of the installation of the plant and all the jetty’s being erected to support it. But it is still increasingly beautiful and clean. It was an accidental find on a bright Sunday afternoon. The erosion and deposits left behind by the waves form beautiful patterns on the sand. Fine Art was washed up ashore, all along the craggy coast.

Click on the pictures to view them in enlarged. Please DO NOT reprint or reuse any of the material on this blog without the author’s permission. If you are interested in any of the prints do leave me a message. Happy Viewing !

In pursuit of creativity in the dark