Food Photography – Ingredients

It doesn’t matter if one has been following this blog for long or has just come upon it thanks to a wordpress shootout on their freshly minted page, but the one thing that would hit you in the face is that I am a photographer and I shoot food a lot. It’s always been about some recipe or an occasion, but today since spring has finally arrived, I find myself and my diet being drawn more towards fresh produce and a definitively higher fruit and vegetable intake. The word that is most associated with spring is freshness and if you have worked in the fragrance industry you would know very well that Citrus will always be a top note when they want to achieve a FRESH smelling scent. Think about it, even when we want to perk up a dish, the last thing to add is either some fresh herbs or citrus – just to give it that fresh burst of flavor.

So, whilst shopping for groceries this weekend I found a ton of fresh oranges – mandarins and clementines, and as I was picking them up some photo ideas cropped up and here they are….All of these shots were shot using natural light, with a diffuser by the window and on a grey board. I adjusted the white balance first on the camera based on the grey board and then shot these. No other equipment was used and they were post processed in lightroom, with minimal adjustments. The only thing to be cognizant of when shooting raw ingredients is the color wheel, its a wonderful guide to keep in mind whilst styling objects that are monotone for the most part and usually belong to a vibrant primary color family. The thing to take away from all this is that, it doesn’t always have to be something specially made and styled for a food shot, sometimes inspiration and practice are right in your refrigerator. Effort & Imagination are all you need.

Citrus 3 copy


Citrus 2

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Food Photography – Ingredients