Hedonistic Weekends

Most weekends, we find ourselves rushing through personal commitments and chores that have no choice but to be relegated to the two days that are meant for rest and relaxation, but there are some that come by every once in a while that are made for pure hedonistic pleasure. Mine is defined by a weekend where cellphone reception is a bare minimum and the rushing sounds of cars on a freeway are faint, if not entirely absent. To stand in the middle of a fresh and flourishing forest, 1.5 hours away from New York City, surrounded by silence that is occasionally broken by the wind rustling the tops of pine and birch trees and of a gurgling creek that ebbs and flows as several small waterfalls through humble box canyons; is invigorating to say the least. There was even a moment where we lost track of the only trail that led to and from the waterfalls we headed to. A trail that is only slightly beaten and completely unmarked, which is probably why it doesn’t get the massive crowds that a neighboring cascade attracts.

Up on the Poconos, just that side of the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border within the confines of Stokes State Forest are these little known gems called Indian Ladder Falls, they were unknown until they recently broke the news on a TV show called ‘Motion’. But thanks to its well known sibling – Dingman’s Falls – it is far less visited! Although the trail that we were on was unmarked, there is another trail that is very well maintained that reaches the lowest of the falls  and then climbs up to the Upper Falls. The one we were on, did exactly the opposite – we climbed down! What does it matter, when there is the sound of water flowing freely and crashing against rocks to keep you company? These sights and these sounds when coupled with photography, is the perfect antidote for ‘photo block’!

Indian Ladders Falls 2 copy


Indian Ladder Falls 1


Indian Ladder Falls 3


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Hedonistic Weekends