Shameless Plug

Shamelessly I am about to plug an event that I am participating in, while I shamefully apologize for vanishing from these pages for several weeks. If you have followed this blog long enough, you do know that absence always stems from a plethora of chaotic events crammed into those days. This absence was no different – we have been part of several gallery exhibitions in New York City, participated in a couple of contests – one of which led to an exhibition in the city, had a parent and a dear friend visit us all the way from India, took a couple of quick trips and are now setting up for the next event which is on Sunday the 29th

Let’s address the shameless plug first, shall we – We are taking part in an event this 29th Sept, 2013 ( Sunday) at a local “Arts in the Park” event in our town of Highland Park, New Jersey. It will be held right on Main Street or our little chunk of Route 27 in Highland Park. If you are in New Jersey or know people in New Jersey send them our way to say hello, ask them to look out for Shruthi Venkatasubramanian/Photopportunist’s stall.  We will be selling beautiful matted prints from $10 onwards. But we aren’t the only ones there, there will be several different artists of various genres, live music, good food, petting zoos, and dance & theatre events. We do mean ARTS in the park! Weather seems like its going to hold up nicely, so come on by for a lazy sunday street event.

Arts in the Park Banner

Arts in the Park Marquis

Now for the apologies, people use blogs to engage with an audience, to build an audience , to market, to rant and whatever else one can think of these days. I do want to engage with all of you and build new audiences, but I believe if I have nothing concrete to say or contribute then I might as well shut up.  But if you are wondering – “hey lady, plugging isn’t concrete nor does it contribute” – then let me say, this is an invitation to all of you to come engage with us one on one, I would love to meet you loyalists, newbies,  and critics.  So if you are in the area, do come and say hello.

Shameless Plug