Au revoir l’été bonjour automne

It is now officially fall, in fact it has been fall for over a week. It is that time of year when I reluctantly bid adieu to summer, which has felt strangely short this year – perhaps because time sometimes feels like it flies by,while at other times cause sheer agony in the length of each second. Don’t mistake this for the depression that millions feel when the weather is about to turn bleak and dark, I look forward to fall and winter just as much, just not so much the transition periods. I reminisce about summer because I am cherishing some of its best work as I type. I chanced upon some lovely ripe yellow peaches, the last of summers’ bounty for the year and decided to combine it with my new found love for greek yoghurt – which I am not ashamed to say has begun to substitute sour cream and sometimes even mayo. I did decide early on this year that health will take precedence in decision making and I’d like to think that, that switch is a product of that decision. I have made some healthy choices through the year, key word being some. In fact I even braved the darned dentist and got some extractions done. Now back to the peaches, surely its fun to eat the peaches just as it is with yoghurt, but it is fall after all, so poaching it with some spices couldn’t be all that bad an idea. It is a bit nippy outside, some warm spice poached peaches over a honey vanilla greek yoghurt base is just the best of both seasons. The spices evoking a gentle trigger to remind me that the holidays aren’t too far off, that mulled wine , pumpkin pie and cider are just a few weeks away. On those toasty thoughts….




I seem to be obsessed with the concept of symmetry in my photography and I need to break the mould soon….Everything is in pairs…oh dear lord! I feared that my OCD would bubble over into other facets of my life but wow, this is rather disconcerting. So here is a promise – the next food blog post/picture will NOT have anything to do with symmetry, I will come up with compositions that are more fluid. All shots were shot with natural light, no reflectors and everything you see are things most of us already own.  As for the recipe – this was really off the cuff – poached in water, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and a wee bit of all spice and the sauce is just a gentle mixture of greek yoghurt, vanilla and honey! Proportions are completely taste based on this one so have fun – one can’t really screw this up! You could poach this in some gorgeous Riesling, if your intentions are to make this a bit more sophisticated sounding.

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Au revoir l’été bonjour automne