Life doesn’t stop for anybody

 Another small chapter comes to an end and a new one begins thus, with change at the helm. Change is the hardest truth to accept in life, though it is as inevitable as death and taxes. Change, in and of itself is the epitome of transition and a proven fact of life and yet it is a loathsome event as one ages. The price of stability is directly proportional to my age at this point. The gurgling in the pit of my stomach is a fair combination of the fear of the unknown, excitement for new prospects and adventures, sadness in leaving the known and loved, and the growing distance between me and all things familiar. Perish the thought, I should and dive head first, I must; easier said than done. The idea of relocating and reinventing the wheel of business in a new location is daunting. At this very moment these words are nothing but a ploy to evade the ineluctable, to sit in front of a screen and rant to strangers I have never met, but strangers who know this journey I am on, rather intimately. This is a peculiar sort of comfort that the world today provides, isn’t it? Strangers who are just there on the other end listening. So with a heavy heart , I shall soon be leaving New Jersey for the comforts of Big Ol’ Texas.  Change is upon me and I must embrace it for life must move on.

Moves are always a new chapter and with this move I shall be embarking on another challenging shift in my life. I am now a fully operational glamour and portrait studio. Am I worth the effort, you ask? Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I shall leave here a taste of what I am capable of. All of these were shot on a day when the skies opened up and unleashed their fury on New Jersey, but there is nothing a V-Flat, some reflectors, an open window and some really fast lenses can’t achieve.  In case there are enough of you who are interested in knowing any technical details behinda particular shot, let me know and I will post the technicalities in a separate post. So with good news, I shall part now for Texas. And oh! in case I don’t see you soon enough – Happy Holidays!

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Model : Veronica Pickens

MUA : Angelica Rivera

Assistant : Kristen Auriemma

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Life doesn’t stop for anybody