I’m Shruthi, a married 31-year-old with some rather varied interests. Clichéd beginning, i know! And there’s more to come. I live within 30 miles of New York City and count my blessings everyday for being given the opportunity to be so close to NYC(if you hate NYC don’t bother telling me about it, i know her shortfalls but i still love her swagger). I am from the city of Chennai(formerly Madras) in India, a traditional but bustling and fun city nevertheless, which is more often overshadowed by big sisters like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Not that a Chennaiite would complain, the city keeps herself small in some ways so that everyone knows everyone else. I am married to another marketing professional, my husband Nitish, who is everything I am not. That sounds like a bad thing but that’s what makes it interesting. No i don’t have children yet and damn you, if you have any judgmental remarks about that.

With a  career background in marketing and research, which has spanned every consumer product in the spectrum(think toilet cleaner to niche fragrances) and has been one wild roller coaster ride(given the number of times we’ve moved around and i have had to quit and restart), i have finally decided to throw in the towel on that path. I had got to a point of disillusionment with my job(which they say happens to everyone when they are 30) that all i saw myself doing on a daily basis was filling in a “template”. The disillusionment was faithfully accompanied by the want to stop working for someone else(a.k.a., lick someone else’s arse) and a healthy daily dose of “why am i not following my passion?” regret. That last question has irked me for a good part of my life, it’s not something I stumbled on accidentally while diving into this disillusionment.

Turning 30, just made that annoying noise in my head louder! Thirty was a milestone for me( if you are older than 40 and snickering away at this, you are more than welcome to but i urge you to read the whole thing before you do). I woke up every morning, during the week leading up to my thirtieth, with the dreadful thought that at 30 I still had no major accomplishments to call my own. There were no significant achievements that had made the last thirty years enjoyable or even worth it. Worst of all, I did not see that happening in the work I was doing. So I embarked on some pretty ineffective introspection, and moved onto questioning others who i deemed had succeeded in their chosen path. Only one person effectively told me the truth and he is an editor of a leading newspaper in India, this is what he said (and am paraphrasing , of course) – Passion is what you dream of and work is what you occupy yourself with when you aren’t dreaming. No one truly knows how to find your passion, most people stumble on it.

So here i am combining everything i like to dream and indulge in writing, photography, wine, travel, music and books. I have never written for any major publication (save a school magazine perhaps), am an amateur photographer(shoot food, landscapes and people), i love wine(thanks to Karen Macneil, wine.com etc., i’ve learnt a bit about vino and i’m a huge barolo fan), i’ve traveled a bit in my lifetime and i will continue to do so , music is the largest influencer in my life (it is my ecstasy) – everyone from hendrix to BB King to buble’ affect me and i read everything (though i do keep telling myself that i don’t read books on religion and philosophy – i have some pet peeves and theories , more on that later) that i can lay my hands on.  My blog is an experiment to find out which of these will i finally stumble into or will i find something new that ignites the genius button(i am assuming i have one). It will be a record of what i see as a very joyous and adventurous expedition for the next few years of my life.

“It’s never too late to be who you could have been” – George Elliott

Amendment to my introduction No. 1 : I am now back in my hometown and missing NYC dearly, as you would know from reading my Bidding Adieu posts and I took George Elliott’s words to heart and decided on becoming a photographer – again, heavily evident from my posts! As life changes and turns, I will make these amendments at every turn. I want to keep the original, just as a reminder of how far I have come and will be going. Miles to go before I sleep…..


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