Bucket list

The end of this week I turn 31, and I truly have left the 20’s behind. I look back at the last decade and I’m not entirely unhappy with it-I did settle down into a rhythm. Going forward I wanted to make a bucket list of things small and large, which I will be adding to whenever I find something new or different that I would like to do before I die. All of this, probably sounds morbid but I don’t want to be 41 in ten years , look back and feel bad that I haven’t scratched off somethings from that list. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg and there will be more as I see more….the heart never stops wanting does it?

  1. Go to Paris, alone and spend a week doing everything I ever wanted to do in Paris.
  2. Try absinthe.
  3. Try a zip line in Costa Rica.
  4. Bungee jump so I can get over vertigo.
  5. Stomp Grapes in Portugal.
  6. Watch a soccer world cup final at the stadium.
  7. Take a sea plane ride.
  8. Learn to swim and swim with the dolphins and feed sharks in Tahiti.
  9. Get good at photography, enough to have my work displayed.
  10. Go on an African safari.
  11. Watch a sunset in Santorini.
  12. Drive cross country through the US and India.
  13. Watch a Shakespearean play at the Minack Theatre, Penzance, Cornwall.
  14. Learn to kayak.
  15. Learn to sketch.
  16. Watch the Wimbledon men’s final at center court.
  17. Meet Art Wolfe.
  18. Interact with elephants at the Elephant Nature Foundation in Thailand and the sanctuary in Mudumalai.
  19. Play with a bunch of shelter puppies and adopt one.
  20. Travel through Italy at my own pace and enjoy the clichéd la dolce vita.
  21. Watch a new year be born at Mt.Hakepa on Pitt Islands(first place the sun rises).
  22. Watch a sunset at the last place it sets – Millenium islands.
  23. Taste my way through Piedmont, Bordeaux and Napa.
  24. Watch a salmon run.
  25. Watch bears in Alaska during a salmon run.
  26. Go to Corbett National Park.
  27. Go horseback riding.
  28. Learn to play the cello!

4 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. Vidya says:

    Shruthi : You can do the US open finals. 🙂 (assuming you haven’t done it already) Looks like I need a list too.

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