Exciting News

So D – Day is fast approaching….July 11th, 2013…A huge red letter day for me. I will be part of two exciting group exhibitions at New York City.

See.Me Exposure 2013 – Though I didn’t win this contest, my photos will be exhibited along with the photos of other finalists ….apparently over 30000 photos were received!!

7pm through 11pm at,

See | Exhibition Space
26-19 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
with Complimentary Cocktails sponsored by Absolut Vodka.

Imagine Everything – Group exhibition to be held at

The Soho Gallery for Digital Art,
138, Sullivan St,
New York, NY

between 6-9pm with complimentary wine, food and a jazz band. This exhibition however is for an entire week, so if you aren’t able to make it to opening night, do try to visit the gallery on or before 17th July. All work on display at this gallery is for sale.

Imagine everything - Email

I will be splitting my time between the two on the 11th, so do stop by and say hello. Pass on this personal invite to all your friends and family in the area who are willing to stop by and support up and coming talent. Looking forward to seeing you some of you there…..

If there are any followers in the tri-state area do stop by and say hello…would be nice to meet you!


Oh and hope your fourth of July was just awesome as mine was….we finally made it to the NYC show,  of course we watched it from the jersey side….that is way more fun and we get the city as a backdrop. The problem is, that my 18-55 mm lens is out of commission…for those who follow this blog you may remember the accident from Acadia in late oct last year! Haven’t replaced the lens yet, figured I will get a new camera, I did rent a d800 for the last trip to seattle and olympic national park and I am IN LOVE with it, the range, the ISO capabilities, the sharpness, the depth….oh wow! The d90 feels like a point and shoot now. Anyhow, here are some images that I was able to get….I would have got a landscape picture if I had the right lens and no! stitching a pano is not possible with something as dynamic as fireworks and a moving smoke screen! So enjoy….

Nothing says New York more than two icons glimmering together at twilight
Nothing says New York more than two icons glimmering together at twilight


When fireworks make the Empire State seem small!
When fireworks make the Empire State seem small!

Fireworks 2

The Photopportunist

Exciting News

Change is the only constant

My life for the last 9 years has definitely been an in-depth study on Change. In retrospect, it has actually proved that everything happens for a reason and a lot of these changes have been incredibly good to me. But change, while its happening, is chaotic and draining. So after one and a half years am back living in the US, close to the city I tearfully bid adieu to on this very blog. A city, I have come to love, unabashedly. It’s like meeting a loved one after years of separation, there is an excitement combined with the fear of awkwardness. Has the separation been too long? Would she still be able to hang with me? Will she recognize me? Do we still have things in common?

So it was only fitting to go back to the very same spot where we said our goodbye’s and where I pledged to return soon. On a warm spring night with the desperate hope of trying to recreate magic, after one and a half years,we met again. She dressed up in her absolute best and glistened all over. Just like I remembered her, party boats floating down the East river decked out with little fairy lights, barges tugging out the city’s refuse, lesbians in love stealing little kisses under the twinkling lights of the Brooklyn Bridge, dog walkers and late night joggers, the sound of slow moving traffic on FDR Drive, and the city itself – all aglow! Beautiful! Some of the names on the doors have changed but the streets are the same. There is change all around and still it is extremely familiar. The giant hole where the Twin Towers once stood, is now where the tallest building in New York City is – One , World Trade Center.  The city stands – resilient and proud. Just like I left her, she returns to me looking like herself and definitely feeling like herself – exuberant, irrepressible and electric.

Arthur Schopenhauer sums its up best right now – “Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.”

Meanwhile, if you are interested in reading about the city of Chennai – where I was born and is the birth place of Modern India in many ways – do pick up ‘Tamarind City’ by Bishwanath Ghosh on Flipkart or Amazon or in book stores in India. Lovely book about the city I am from and the pictures in the book are by yours truly. If you are in Delhi then do try to go for one of these meet and greets with the author – http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150962433810519.472811.654300518&type=1

Change is the only constant